When I first started online marketing,
I had no idea what I was doing.
When I first started online marketing,
I had no idea what I was doing.
But through all the trials and errors, and through all the "failures", I learned valuable lessons.
These lessons are what I want to share with all of you.
If I hadn't fallen flat on my face as many times as I did, I wouldn't have the results, nor would I have grown.
I hope these lessons will help you on your journey too.
 You MUST Stay In The Game Long Enough to Win.
Some days, you're probably going to ask yourself for the hundredth time why on Earth am I putting myself through this?
Your emotional state can be equivalent to a roller coaster ride... on a good day.
You feel 10x more frustration and anxiety than the average person because you've got more on the line than they do.
You will want to give up, and want to go back to a job because it's easier than this.
 (but you don't ever really mean it of course).

That's because you KNOW what's possible and that you can do this.
And once you expand your mind and grow to expect more from yourself in regards to what's possible, you can NEVER go back to how you were.
You become a completely different version of yourself.
You can only expand. Never shrink.
It's taken me 10+ years to get to where I am now.
It's a long journey.
No quick paths down this path.
Decide to be in this for the long haul.
It's the only attitude that will lead you to victory.
Mindset is everything!

Commit fully.  
Learn the Fundamentals.
 You will need to heavily invest in your education and growth in your chosen area of expertise.
Do NOT be a cheapskate here; it will only lengthen your journey.
Your attitude here will determine whether you'll succeed or not.
So think of it in terms of an investment, NOT an expense.
It's the cost of your education.
Don't think in terms of dollars spent. Think in terms of ROI.
Learn all you can about marketing.
It doesn't matter the industry or whether it's online or off.
The underlying principles are the same.
Continuously invest in your learning, develop a growth mindset.
Understand this, and I mean TRULY understand this, and your business will thrive.
Keep Things Simple .
Building a business isn't easy by any means, but it IS simple.
It's simple in that:
a) once you know what needs doing, you pretty much just go out and implement it straight away.
b) you focus on the income producing activities first.
You don't need 16 steps in your sales funnel to get a sale, nor do you need 10 different products and services.
Keep the process simple so that you, and your customers, don't get lost along the way.
For example:
 I just use FB ads and CF. Very simple sales funnels with FB retargeting to maximize sales.
That's it.
Not 5 different marketing strategies with 7 different sales processes to get 1 sale here.
It's ironic; I find that the more you complicate things, the less money you make.
The more you simplify things, the more money you make.
Examine your own business for a moment.
If you're stuck in a bottle neck, feel stuck, or overwhelmed, chances are that you're over complicating the process.
Stick to the core marketing principles + have a SIMPLE sales process = great results.
It's a long, crazy, tumultuous and arduous journey BUT the results will reward you.
I used to have panic attacks wondering how I was going to pay my bills, buy my children birthday and Christmas gifts.
So stick to it.
Don't give up. 

Be coachable and open minded.
Keep it simple and be relentless about going after what you want.
Nothing beats seeing the money coming in day after day.
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