eStage is an expansive, advanced blogging platform designed to work seamlessly with WordPress. eStage provides high levels of functionality with ease of use, making it an ideal tool for anyone looking to create an effective and professional-looking website or blog.
eStage is a product and service of The Four Percent Group LLC, headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Four Percent Group focus on providing training and education courses to individuals interested in becoming internet entrepreneurs themselves.  The company's training courses cover topics like search engine optimization, lead generation, list building, and traffic mastery across a number of different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  All told there are 20 different courses available to members of the Four Percent Group; membership is free. The price of each training course varies.

Unlike Strizheus' educational and training programs, eStage is different in that it's a service designed to provide high levels of support to anyone running their own WordPress site. This distinguishes it from the rest of the Four Percent Group's offering, leaving it in a unique position and gives it wider appeal outside the world of affiliate and MLM marketing. 
The core service is a suite of themes, plugins, widgets, and other tools that are designed to work natively with WordPress, the world's leading content management software platform for websites. One of the most popular and widely-used systems, WordPress is highly adaptable and customizable, something that eStage takes advantage of in its offering.
eStage includes access to powerful layouts with responsive functionality, thanks to the fully-customizable code used to create the system's tools. Icons, fonts, and images included in the package have all been optimized for Retina Display screens to ensure they look their best when viewed from mobile devices, and eStage supports over 800 different typefaces thanks to full integration with Google Fonts.
Other advantages of eStage include drag-and-drop functionality for activating widgets and plugins, search engine optimization through semantic coding, and the ability to modify and exchange themes on the fly, providing access to every element of customization.
A one-month subscription to eStage is available from the Four Percent Group completely free. After that month, there are many different pricing plans from which to choose. Upgrades, tech support, and maintenance are included for the lifetime of your relationship with eStage.
Please be aware that in order to use eStage, you must already have a domain name and web hosting as well as an installation of WordPress on your server.

The opportunity presented by eStage is to access an easy, painless way to create and modify a website or blog for any need or purpose at an affordable price.  This provides excellent support to maximize profits in an online environment, easily paying for the cost of a month of service and then some; combined with lifetime tech support and upgrades.
Join my community of entrepreneurs who are generous, vulnerable and want to make a difference is the world.

One of the hardest things about being an entrepreneur is being alone. I hear this from EVERY entrepreneur.

We feel like we have to act like we have it all together or else people won't buy our products/services.

It's a lie and it might be destroying your confidence and making you feel vulnerable is the only way to make it. We all crave authenticity in others and people expect it in us.

The world is best when entrepreneurs can thrive and are able to achieve great things.

My business was founded on that concept because we view the world differently than most people.

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As an entrepreneur, it's critical we attract our own tribe.

 Most people don't understand how you think or what you do. You're different.
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